Book Thoughts: Fall Like Rain by Ana Tejano


“But what if this doesn’t work out? What if he still doesn’t choose me?”
“Then it’s really time to let go.”

Fall Like Rain is Ana Tejano’s debut novel, a contemporary romance story about a girl who is in love with her best friend. We heard the same dilemma in books and movies before, but it’s a popular topic which I know a lot can relate to. So when I heard it is already available in Amazon (and because Ana Tejano! 😀 ),  I readily bought a copy.

This is a short but very engaging read. I was busy lately so I said I’ll read just one chapter at a time. But I was always eager to know what happens next. Just like Rain, who kept on thinking what will happen next with her relationship with Mark. So I’d say another chapter more. And another.

With regards to the characters, I like Mark. He’s charming. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a friend like him? (Okay, maybe others won’t. Hehe!) Yet he should be more open with his feelings so that we don’t keep on guessing what he really feels. Just friends? Just nice? Leading on? So that we refrain from assuming. I also like the relationship between family and friends shown in the novel. I particularly like the scenes with Meah, Cams and Kuya Raymond. I don’t know but I didn’t like Lissa that much. (Or maybe I’m biased because she’s the third party? LOL) Also, I wasn’t that much convinced about the storyline regarding Francis. I’m not sure,  like there was something lacking in his character, in what he said and did in the end.

But here’s what I really like. Rain. I read some reviews of people not liking Rain’s character that much. Because she’s timid, and an overthinker. But I like how Ana Tejano wrote her. Her thoughts and feelings were written in such a way that we could understand her and empathize with her. Her struggles, her confusion, the heartbreak. The pain when the one you love loves someone else. Assuming. Expecting. She is very real and relatable. Well, Rain and I actually have a few things in common. (Like placing keys on the top of the fridge. 😛 )

I really enjoyed reading this sweet and entertaining novella about family, friendship and love. So when Ana Tejano’s next novel is up, I will definitely read it too.

If you’re interested in stories like this, you can buy Fall Like Rain Kindle edition at Amazon. But you can already order a paperback copy. Ana said it will really look pretty on our shelves. And look! I got mine last Saturday. So it’s there on my shelf. 🙂 Oh, I really really love the cover!


(3.5/5 stars)


7 thoughts on “Book Thoughts: Fall Like Rain by Ana Tejano

  1. Na distract ako sa China Mieville, haha! But yes, I agree with what you think about Rain. (I actually imagine Rain as you, bleh!) And Mark! I want to meet him. I want him to be my baby brother. (What?) Hahaha!

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