A Death in the Family

Today, I finished reading Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. Jean Valjean is dead. Also today, my 18-year old cousin is dead.

I was reading Les Miserables last night as I was lying on my bed, ready to sleep. Jean Valjean was on the verge of dying. Then Marius and Cosette arrived. After that scene, I decided to sleep telling myself, “Let us let Jean Valjean die tomorrow.” Then I woke up at about 5:45am and read a text message from one of my aunts. My cousin is dead. 2:45am. Kidney failure.

I was shocked, it was so soon. The only death that I was expecting today is Jean Valjean’s. I knew that he was in the hospital, but being miles away from my family, I didn’t know that the situation is that terrible. He was a bit different from us, but he’s one of the smartest and sweetest person that I know. I miss him. I haven’t seen him in months. I just hope that in those last moments of his life, he was happy. And peaceful. Like Jean Valjean.

Do not weep, my children, I am not going very far, I shall see you from there, you will only have to look at night, and you will see me smile.
-Jean Valjean

Death is inevitable. But what’s important is that my cousin lived his life in the best way he can. Those of us who were left by our cousin, especially his parents and siblings, we shall continue living. And will always remember and treasure the memories we shared with him.

It is nothing to die; it is dreadful not to live.
-Jean Valjean

I am writing this on the bus. I’m going home. And later, I am going to hug my aunt.


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