The Cellist I Met in If I Stay

When I read If I Stay by Gayle Forman, I loved how music is a very big part of it. Gayle Forman even made a playlist in her website. The book also made me review the modern violin family from music classes when I was young. Hehe!

One scene that really caught my attention while reading was the conversation between Mia (the protagonist) and her bestfriend Kim. Mia believed that her music is solitary. That time, she already wanted to quit because she thought that playing the cello is lonely and boring. The cello is a dumb instrument for a girl to play, so dorky, she said.

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But Kim gave her a CD of Nirvana MTV Unplugged, and introduced her to “Something In The Way” played by two guitar players, a drummer, and a cello player. The cello player is Lori Goldston. Mia listened to the song over and over and played along. She loved the cello again.

“Her name is Lori Goldston…
And I don’t think anyone would dare call her a dork.”

Here’s the video of the live Nirvana performance:

Also, in the book, they held a barbecue dinner wherein she played the cello with her family, with guitars and a snare drum. At first she was hesitant, afraid that the cello has no place among the jamming guitars and in the punk-rock world. Afraid of not blending and making bad music. But as proved by Goldston and thanks to her:

“…the cello didn’t sound half bad with all those guitars.
In fact, it sounded pretty amazing.”

Although we now agree that the cello is not a solitary instrument, I still enjoy listening to it played solo. After listening and watching a lot of Lori Goldston’s videos, let me share with you an example of her beautiful music, played solo, just her cello and herself. And the audience.

You can learn more about Lori Goldston in her website.


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