Top Posts plus Funny Search Engine Terms (Year One)

I’ve been blogging for a year now. And although I keep saying to some of my friends that I’m just adding muck to the Internet with my posts, the previous months had been fun. I have been reading a lot of posts from the book blogging community, knowing more and even finding some friends.

One of the fun sides of blogging is knowing that other people get to read my blog. (I know I have few readers, yes, but still…) It was interesting to see that I could reach out to other people from other parts of the world through my blog posts.

According to my Site Stats, these are my top posts based on views:

My Top 5 Posts

1. Books & Films: Stuck in Love

It was sort of unbelievable that this post appears in my blog stats everyday. At present, its views are almost three times the views of my homepage. Just a simple post mentioning Raymond Carver and Stephen King, but a lot of people undoubtedly wants to know more about them after watching the movie. My search engine terms stats shows that a lot wants to know the books mentioned in the film. The quote from What We Talk About When We Talk About Love, books by Stephen King, and if Stuck in Love is based on a book. (People want books! People want to read!) I hope some of those who searched for the book titles really did read a book. Most of them clicked the Goodreads links of the books anyway, so yay!

2. My Eleanor & Park Playlist

Creating an Eleanor & Park playlist is not something that has not been done before I wrote this post. After reading the book, I found playlists of the songs for this young adult book. Then there’s a playlist by Rainbow Rowell herself. But I needed something that includes almost all of the songs and quote where in the book they were mentioned so I made my own. A friend who read this blog post told me that I have an impeccable taste in music. I told her, “No, Rainbow Rowell has an impeccable taste in music! I just compiled her music choices.” I hope that those who landed on this post found what they’re looking for or if not, maybe learn a good song or two. Tommy Tutone’s 867-5309, one of my favorite discoveries from the book, is the popular one in the search engine terms.

3. Films Mentioned in Anna and the French Kiss

I know, I know, I have a lot of compilation posts. Books from this, songs from that, movies from this. Initially, I was just listing the movies I encountered in the book that I haven’t watched yet that sounds interesting so that I could find copies and watch them afterwards. Eventually, my list grew longer and I decided to just list all of them. And it turned out, like me, some individuals want to read lists too. I made this list thinking that I’ll watch all of them and until now, the number of the films I watched from this list is still that number. This reminds me, I have to watch one soon!

4. Book Thoughts: Fall Like Rain by Ana Tejano

Seeing this is in my top posts makes me happy because I somehow feel that I am helping the Filipino authors in my own little way. You know, books from Filipino authors aren’t that much popular to Filipino readers. Even I wasn’t that much exposed to our literature before I joined our book club. So this could mean that more are getting interested in books by Filipino authors. I hope that those who haven’t read this book and chanced upon my blog decides to read it. And now I think I should post more reviews about Filipino works that I read to help pass on information about our local books and authors.

5. Books & Films: Atonement, The Fault in Our Stars, Edge of Tomorrow

This post is not that much thought about when I posted it. It’s just that I watched them all in a day and they’re all from books and I have nothing more important to do. I bet a lot of the people who searched and viewed this post were disappointed and never learn that much from my post. Haha! (I’m so sorry, guys!) But maybe one learned something from it, like maybe that Edge of Tomorrow is based from a book, which I didn’t know before watching the movie.

Now, let’s move on to another Top 5.

Search Engine Terms stats are important, they say. Knowing words or phrases that searchers use, applying SEO, etc. so that your pages turn up in the search results. But I’m not really into these optimization thingy. I just enjoy looking at my Search Engine Terms, especially when I’m bored, because they’re fun to read.

My Top 5 Funny Search Engine Terms

1. forgive me leonard peacock does he kill himself

Wait, I’ll just check my Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock review.

My review wasn’t able to answer his question. I wish I convinced him to read the book instead and find out the answer on his own. Or maybe his question was answered, in a subtle way, if he really read my review.

2. the connection between atonement and the fault in our stars

Could anyone really determine the connection between these two books? (and movies?) As I said above, my Books & Films: Atonement, The Fault in Our Stars, Edge of Tomorrow post isn’t really good. And even though I have read and watched both Atonement and The Fault in Our Stars, I found no connection in them. Just that they’re both films adapted from books. Or maybe there’s a deeper connection that I miss? Or let me just say that it’s nice watching them in the same day. Hehe! I’m kidding.

3. loving mecanism

If you love my blog, thank you! Without a doubt, the one who used this search term wants to find something about “loving mechanism”. I’m sorry if he landed on my blog. Until know, I’m thinking if I’ll change my blog name. But I hope he finds what he’s looking for in some other nook in the Internet and find the loving that he wants. 😛

4. yygttgwsy tfg

A bored person typed this in his search engine, and one of my posts appeared in the results, and because he’s really bored and got nothing important to do, he clicked and viewed it! As most of you know, TFG is the acronym of our book club. I wonder which post he saw. I wonder if he just clicked it and closed the tab immediately after. Or did he read about our awesome bookclub? And maybe decided to read too? Haha! Wishful thinking.

5. adult stars

Aha! So what was he looking for? Adult stars. Hmmm… Maybe he viewed a post about a young adult book that I rated with some stars. Or maybe The Fault in Our Stars post? I think I really wasn’t able to help him. How disappointed he must have been, clicking on my blog.

If only Unknown Search Terms wasn’t at the top of my Search Engine Terms, I could’ve found funnier terms, no? How about sharing some of yours?


6 thoughts on “Top Posts plus Funny Search Engine Terms (Year One)

  1. Adding muck to the internet nope more like ADDING AWESOME TO THE INTERNET! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog and you’re definitely one of my favorites! Congrats on this blogging milestone, Meliza! 😉

    1. Maybe not really muck, hehe, because they’re being read by awesome people like you. Thanks, Darden, for taking time to read my posts. 🙂

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