My Top Five Newly Discovered Songs from High Fidelity by Nick Hornby


High Fidelity by Nick Hornby is our book club’s book this April. I really enjoyed the book with all its humor. It’s a plus that Rob Fleming’s (the protagonist) life is all about music (and other hipster stuff, haha!). Here, a lot of Top Five lists are mentioned and enumerated by Rob and his friends. And I just couldn’t pass this opportunity to come up with my own list, even if we already made some Top Five lists for our book club activities.

So here is My Top Five Newly Discovered Songs from High Fidelity:

1. Got To Get You Off My Mind by Solomon Burke

So, on this third or fourth time, she came up to my little rostrum thing and spoke to me, and I liked her straightaway: she asked me to play a record that I really loved (‘Got to Get You off My Mind’ by Solomon Burke, if anyone cares), but which had cleared the floor whenever I’d tried it.

2. In The Midnight Hour by Wilson Pickett

3. Bobby Jean by Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen’s always doing it in his songs. Maybe not always, but he’s done it. You know that one ‘Bobby Jean,’ off Born in the USA? Anyway, he phones this girl up but she’s left town years before and he’s pissed off that he didn’t know about it, because he wanted to say good-bye, and tell her that he missed her, and to wish her good luck. And then one of those sax solos. And Bruce Springsteen. Well, I’d like my life to be like a Bruce Springsteen song. Just once.

4. Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Neil Young

5. Boulder To Birmingham by Emmylou Harris

“This is a song by Emmylou Harris called ‘Boulder to Birmingham’,” she announces. “It’s on the album Pieces of the Sky, which Rob is selling this afternoon for the unbelievable price of five pounds and ninety-nine pence, and you can find it right over there in the ‘Country Artists-(Female)’ section.”

If you want a list of the songs from the book, I found a great compilation from this blog post.

And you can listen to them in this YouTube playlist:

(Thank you for compiling the songs, Fiona/zomgitsona.)

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