Animorphs Series

Animorphs is a series of young adult science fiction books written by K. A. Applegate. This series was one of those books that initiated my love for reading. I read these books when I was in high school. But being in school made me busy. Eventually, I forgot about the series… even my love for reading dwindled.

But fortunately, I’m back to the reading world! So why not continue the series that I loved when I was a kid? Here is the list of the books. I hope I could finish reading them soon. 🙂

Main Series
1              The Invasion
2              The Visitor
3              The Encounter
4              The Message
5              The Predator
6              The Capture
7              The Stranger
8              The Alien
9              The Secret
10           The Android
11           The Forgotten
12           The Reaction
13           The Change
14           The Unknown
15           The Escape
16           The Warning
17           The Underground
18           The Decision
19           The Departure
20           The Discovery
21           The Threat
22           The Solution
23           The Pretender
24           The Suspicion
25           The Extreme
26           The Attack
27           The Exposed
28           The Experiment
29           The Sickness
30           The Reunion
31           The Conspiracy
32           The Separation
33           The Illusion
34           The Prophecy
35           The Proposal
36           The Mutation
37           The Weakness
38           The Arrival
39           The Hidden
40           The Other
41           The Familiar
42           The Journey
43           The Test
44           The Unexpected
45           The Revelation
46           The Deception
47           The Resistance
48           The Return
49           The Diversion
50           The Ultimate
51           The Absolute
52           The Sacrifice
53           The Answer
54           The Beginning


1            The Andalite’s Gift
2            In the Time of Dinosaurs
3            Elfangor’s Secret
4            Back to Before


The Andalite Chronicles
The Hork-Bajir Chronicles
The Visser Chronicles
The Ellimist Chronicles


1            The First Journey
2            The Next Passage

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