Filipino Friday 2014 #4: Let’s talk about Diverse Books


The Filipino ReaderCon is just one week away. Yes, I’m excited! And here is today’s Filipino Friday question:

Do you think we have enough diversity in the books that we read? Are our choices enough to satisfy our different tastes? Are our writers able to present the variety of people, culture, lifestyle, interests and so on? How diverse are your reading interests, and are you able to find enough books to satisfy your reading needs? Do you think we need more diverse books?

There is enough diversity in the books we read, that is, if we are talking about books published internationally. A lot of books are readily available for us to read in different genres, in different cultures, with varying types of characters and settings. But with regards to Filipino literature, I think we need more. I admit that I am not that much exposed to local works yet. And I am happy that I am discovering more Filipino authors and their works lately. Local chick lit and graphic novels are getting popular. But I am looking forward to reading more Filipino works in other genres. Like sci-fi and fantasy. (Or maybe new weird? Hehe.) Also, it would be great to read books with Philippine settings, showing our history and culture.

I can say that I am a diverse reader. I am willing to read books in any genre. And it is amazing to discover and read books with different themes, cultures, styles, etc. We learn more and understand more if we read diverse books. So hopefully, Philippine literature will soon have enough diverse books that can fulfill the growing needs of Filipino readers. I have confidence in our local authors. I know we’re getting there. And they need our support. (So let’s go to the ReaderCon, okay? 🙂 )

Filipino Fridays 2014 #3: What do you think of fanfiction?


It’s less than two weeks before the Filipino ReaderCon. Today is Sunday but since I already started with Filipino Fridays, might as well answer last Friday’s question. Here it is:

Fanfiction is pretty popular, no doubt about it, but it has been received with mixed feelings by many authors and writers. Some don’t mind it, and even welcome readers who give their own spin on their work. Some writers don’t like it at all, to the point that they contact fanfiction authors to take their work down. Others use it as a jump-off point for their own writing.

How about you? What is your take on fanfiction? Do you read fanfiction, and if you do, what kind of fanfiction do you read? Do you write fanfiction, and why? Or are you against fanfiction? Enlighten us.

I read fan fiction when I was in highschool. I don’t patronize it but I read some Harry Potter fan fiction. I enjoyed those short stories shipping Harry and Hermione. Haha! I remember when I found a copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on the internet while waiting for the book. At first I thought it was the real book that just got leaked. It was long, like a real novel. While reading it, I realized it was just fan fiction. But I finished it anyway.

I don’t read fan fiction anymore. But I’m not against it. At present, I just prefer to read the original stories from the authors. And I still have a lot of books to read. I have been discovering amazing books and authors lately, no extra time to read fan fiction. But I enjoyed reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. In there, I read some fan fiction again, and I loved it.

Filipino Fridays 2014 #2 – Have you ever wanted to write a book?


21 days to go before the Filipino ReaderCon 2014! Here’s the Filipino Friday question for today:

As a reader, have you ever thought about writing a book? What kind of books/stories do you want to write? Or are you now a published author, and what compelled you to go fulfill this dream? How was your journey from reader to writer? How did you go about getting your book out there?

I haven’t really thought about writing a book, until some of my friends asked me this question recently. They said that since I really love reading, I should maybe change my career and try to write a book. Hehe!

When I was I kid, I used to write poems (those that rhyme) and short stories (derived from my dreams). But they’re just that, sort of like a journal. Today, my writing is just limited to my personal journal and this book blog. I think I am not imaginative and inventive enough to be an author.

If I would write a book, I would like to write fantasy books and science fiction, and maybe poems too. That is if ever I would write a book, which I believe is very unlikely to happen. But I don’t know, I guess I don’t really have a final word yet, if I want to write a book or not.

Filipino Fridays 2014: Surprise, Reader!


The Filipino ReaderCon is just a month away! To support the event and to encourage Filipino readers to join, I decided to participate in this year’s Filipino Friday meme series. To find out more about this and other activities for the upcoming ReaderCon, visit the Filipino ReaderCon blog.

This week’s topic:

Surprise, Reader! Hello, it’s the first week of Filipino Fridays 2014! Whether it’s your first time to participate or not, tell us a bit about yourself. More specifically, tell us about your favorite book discoveries for this year. Any author you started reading this year that you can’t get enough of? A book you didn’t think you’d like, but you ended up liking/loving? Any book series that you just have to get your hands on? Have you discovered anything new from Filipino authors this year?

I’m Meliza. (Others call me Meca. 🙂 ) I rediscovered my love of reading last year, which made me sign up to Goodreads. I became an active member of a book club (Goodreads – The Filipino Group) since October 2013 (first time to attend a face-to-face discussion). I started this book blog last summer. These were the bookish decisions I made that made me the happy booklover that I am now. 😀

My favorite book discoveries this year are Atonement by Ian McEwan and Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. Reading Cloud Atlas made me want to read more of David Mitchell’s works so I plan to read Ghostwritten soon. This year, I read three books by China Miéville and I want more. Maybe Perdido Street Station next.

I thought I wouldn’t like Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides and To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf but they’re definitely included in my best reads this year.  I finished the Divergent series this year just because it was a dare but I didn’t like it that much. I also started The Giver and The Maze Runner because of the movies but I’ll try to read the rest of these series soon (I hope 🙂 ).

Reading works by Filipino authors is one of my reading goals this year. (I’m guilty of being a newbie with Filipino works.) So far, I read Interim Goddess of Love (only the first book, but I’ll read the rest of the sequels soon) by Mina Esguerra, Tall Story by Candy Gourlay (Shine next!), Elmer and Wasted by Gerry Alanguilan, Kikomachine Komix #1 by Manix Abrera, and Fall Like Rain by Ana Tejano. Before the year ends, I plan to read Trese #1 by Budjette Tan and any book from Eliza Victoria.

So that’s it for my first Filipino Friday post. I’ll try again next week. 🙂

Books & Events: The 35th MIBF

The 35th Manila International Book Fair (MIBF)  happened at the SMX Convention Center at the SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City last September 17-21, 2014. I was there on the 20th, making this my first MIBF ever.

As I have said before, it’s been my goal to be more acquainted to Filipino authors, so these are the books that I bought from National Bookstore, all at 20% off.


And we were charmed by heaps of cute stuff from Tahanan Books so I bought some stationery.


I also had my books signed by Miss Bebang Siy at the booth of Anvil Publishing, Inc.


Then we met Candy Gourlay, the author of Tall Story and Shine.


Unfortunately, I missed Eliza Victoria. But all in all, it was a satisfying experience.